Features of Shopify work involve creating a design for such pages, at least for the desktop and mobile versions:

  1. Main page
  2. Collection page (or categories as they are called in other systems)
  3. List of collections
  4. Product page
  5. text page
  6. List of blog articles
  7. Blog Article
  8. Search results page
  9. A separate page can be made to enter a search query or look like a popup
  10. Subscription popup
  11. Personal account login page
  12. Registration page for creating a personal account
  13. Forgotten Password Recovery Page
  14. Personal Area: 
    1. order list
    2. buyer's personal data
  15. Basket
  16. Mail message design
    1. new order
    2. Cancellations
    3. sending an order

Additionally, the design can be created for several variants of the desktop version, for a tablet in landscape and vertical orientation, and for a mobile version of horizontal and vertical orientation.