Настройка Shopify Email

Shopify Email Setup

In order to send emails to your subscribers using Shopify, you need to have a paid Shopify subscription plan in your store with a payment provider set up.

Shopify email setup

  1. Go to app Shopify Email
  2. Install an app.

With Shopify Email, you can not only notify people about placing an order, but also attract customers to your site by notifying them about promotions, discounts, or new products. Also, people who receive letters from you can be segmented.

  1. In Shopify go to Marketing.
  2. Click Create campaign.
  3. Click  Shopify Email.
  4. Choose an email template.
  5. Click To and select a customer segment.
  6. Enter the subject of the email.
  7. Optional: Enter a preview text to customize the text that appears after the subject in customer mailboxes.

After you set up the email details, you can move on to filling the email with content.

You can customize emails depending on events, add and remove sections. Depending on which template you choose, it may contain your company logo, products, colors.