Настройка Google Analytics для магазина Shopify

Setting up Google Analytics for your Shopify store

In the admin section of the Shopify Online Store - Preferences, there is a Google Analytics section. It is mainly used to enter the text of the Google script with the code for accounting for store visit statistics.

But why do you need to enable the "Enhanced Commerce" checkbox? This feature allows you to track the behavior of visitors on the store's website. However, it is not enough to enable this checkbox on the Shopify site, you also need to enable it on the site. Google Analytics.

Настройка в Shopify функции Enhanced Ecommerce

By default, the online store analytics tracking setting is disabled.

Disabled Enhanced ecommerce by Google

Enable this feature

Enhanced ecommerce by Google is on

And then enable advanced reporting

Включение отчетов Google для интернет-магазина