Локальная доставка в Shopify

Local Delivery in Shopify

Shopify has Local Shipping features.

It is beneficial to connect local delivery when it is required to track the fulfillment of an order up to delivery by a driver.

When preparing goods in the store for an order, the status "Ready for delivery" is marked.

Shopify uses Google to prepare the best shipping route.

The driver using the Shopify application will be able to complete the delivery along the route and mark the fact that the order has been transferred to the buyer.

Order delivery status available:

  • Not sent (Unfulfilled);
  • Ready for delivery;
  • Delivered (Out for delivery);
  • Failed to deliver the order (Attempted delivery);
  • Delivered.

After the delivery is completed, the status of the order changes to Fulfilled.

To activate the local delivery function, you need to set the flag for the warehouse that local delivery is available and specify the service area (the maximum distance from the warehouse to the customer).

You will also need to install the free Shopify Local Delivery app.