Анализ конкурентов и поиск ниши с помощью приложения Helium10 на Amazon: увеличивайте продажи и заработок

Competitor analysis and niche search with the Helium10 app on Amazon: increase sales and earnings

Helium10 is one of the most popular and powerful tools for sellers on Amazon. This software provides Amazon store owners with a wide range of features to help them optimize their Amazon business and find new growth opportunities. In this article, we will take a closer look at Helium10 features, who it is suitable for, and its benefits.

Helium10 has rich features to help Amazon store owners find the right products, monitor competitors, analyze keywords, and more. Here are more details about its functionality:

  1. Product Finder: This tool helps Amazon store owners find potentially profitable products. It offers different filters to weed out inappropriate products and find exactly what can be successful on the Amazon platform.
  2. Product and Competitor Monitor: This tool helps Amazon store owners track changes in prices, ratings, and other parameters of their products and competitors' products.
  3. Keyword Research: This tool helps Amazon store owners to find out effective keywords for their products. It offers various tools to analyze keywords and their performance.
  4. Product listing and ranking analysis: Sold to store owners on Amazon, this tool determines the rankings of products and competitors' products. It contains detailed information about the number of sales, product rating, their ranking history, as well as competitor impressions. This allows Amazon store owners to keep abreast of how their products are selling compared to competitors' products and respond in time to changes in the market situation.


Another useful Helium10 tool is the Amazon FBA calculator, which allows Amazon store owners to calculate the potential costs of storing, packaging and shipping products through Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). The calculator takes into account various indicators, such as weight, size, sales level, and others, allowing you to get a reliable estimate of the cost of FBA.

In addition, Helium10 offers free tools such as keyword search tool, product and competitor monitoring tool, and Amazon Best Seller Rank search tool. These tools allow Amazon store owners to get the information they need to effectively analyze the market and optimize sales.

Helium10 offers several subscription plans with different features and limitations. Plans cost from $37 to $279 per month. It is possible to get a discount when subscribing for a year. Helium10 also provides a free trial period during which you can try some of the tools.

Helium10 is an indispensable tool for Amazon store owners, marketers and analysts to perform complex product analysis and optimization. Using Helium10 tools allows you to efficiently use your time and effort to achieve maximum sales efficiency on Amazon.