Google Maps API

Google Maps API

How to add Google Maps to your Shopify store?

To display your business on maps, you first need to register a Google Maps API key and include it in your maps setup in your store.

To use the API, you need to set up a billing account in Google Maps.

How to register an API key?

  1. Visit the  Google Maps platform  page, click Get Started.
  2. Select the Maps, Routes, and Places products to get the APIs you need to work with the Map section of free themes.
  3. Create a billing account on the Google Maps platform. A billing account is a requirement for the new Google Maps platform.

To use Google Maps you need to enable the API:

  1. Go to the Maps API Library page in the Cloud Console
  2. Click on the API you want to enable.

Note. If the button says ENABLE , click the button to enable the API. If the button says MANAGE , the APIs are already enabled and you don't need to do anything further.

After enabling the Google Maps platform, copy the new Google Maps API key.

Add a Google Maps API key to your theme.