Скорость загрузки магазинов Shopify

Shopify store load speed

In 2015, Google created Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) technology.

Using AMP allows you to increase the loading speed of pages many times over. Also, Google PageSpeed Insight mobile page ranking is approaching 100.

The loading speed of the store changes due to:

  1. Google caches all AMP pages on CDN servers around the world for fast access
  2. Restrictions of AMP on uploaded files size leads to reduction of transferred data volume
  3. Limited use of js reduces the number of calls

For Shopify, a quick way to improve page loading speed is to install an app.

Google has published a review  of AMP apps for Shopify.

In addition to the app, there is an option to use an AMP template. A simple example of a Shopify store built according to Google AMP is available at  the link - pharmaboosters.com. Note the rating for mobile - 91 and for desktop - 100!

Скорость магазина Shopify на Google AMP

Скорость магазина Shopify на Google AMP для десктопа