Facebook to promote Shopify online store

The secret of the right ad:

  • The text should have a call to action, not just a description of the product
  • nice picture

A significant advantage of advertising on Facebook is the additional display of a list of friends of a visitor who were interested in the ad for the ad.

How Facebook helps to develop your online store:

  1. Informing visitors (advice, support, etc.)
  2. Attracting traffic to the store's site
  3. Enrichment of email subscriptions
  4. Brand building
  5. Sales directly from Facebook page

What you can advertise on Facebook:

  1. Facebook page
  2. External site
  3. Post
  4. Event
  5. App (Facebook, app)

Types of advertising on Facebook:

  1. Ads
  2. Ad story
  3. Advertisements for a post
  4. Ads in the News Feed.

Advertising in Facebook:

  1. News Feed
    • advertisement for a page in FaceBook (the Like button will be displayed)
    • advertisement for a post in FaceBook (the Like button will be displayed)
  2. Ad unit on the right (not available on mobile versions)
    • FaceBook page ad (the Like button will appear)
    • External website ad (just an ad) 

Here is what to do to start an advertising campaign on Facebook:

  1. User registration
  2. Creating a Facebook store page (options):
    • For companies that have a physical address
    • for companies working without an address
    • brand promotion
    • Promoting an idea or community
  3. Sign up for an account with Facebook Ads Manager
  4. Create a Facebook Pixel
  5. Connect Pixel to your online store