Оптимизация скорости Shopify магазина

Shopify Store Speed Optimization

Speed Optimization Service for Your Shopify Store: Mobile and Desktop

If you want to increase conversions and improve customer experience, then optimizing your store's speed in Shopify is key. We offer an optimization service that covers the following areas:

1. Optimize application load order (speed impact: up to 30%)

Incorrect application load order can slow down your site. We can:

  • Analyze applications: Remove redundant ones and determine the optimal load order.
  • Configure loading: Adjust the order so that important applications are loaded first, and applications that do not affect content after the page is displayed.

2. Critical CSS (speed impact: up to 20%)

Critical CSS is a technique that makes your site render faster:

  • Identifying and highlighting critical CSS: We'll find the styles we need to render the page quickly.
  • Injecting critical CSS: Let's inject critical styles directly into the HTML for speed.

3. JavaScript (JS) optimization (speed impact: up to 15%)

JS optimization can give a noticeable speed boost:

  • Asynchronous loading: Loading scripts asynchronously reduces the wait time.
  • Minification: Compress files for faster loading.

4. Image optimization (speed impact: up to 10%)

  • Compression: Reduce the size of images without losing quality.
  • Lazy loading: Load images only when necessary.

5. Tweak themes and plugins (speed impact: up to 5%)

Check and optimize themes and plugins for efficiency.


We offer a comprehensive service to optimize the speed of your Shopify store. These methods will help improve both mobile and desktop versions, with a possible speed increase of up to 80%. Contact us to keep your store running quickly and efficiently, ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.

Optimization Examples

1. Alisa.ua. Shop speed was at level 20. The result is over 60

Shopify speed optimization for Alisa.ua store

2. Fizi.com.ua. Magazine speed was at level 20. The result is over770

Shopify speed optimization for Fizi.com.ua store