Платежный шлюз Сбербанк для Shopify

Sberbank payment gateway for Shopify

To get started you need:

  1. Contact Sberbank to connect to the gateway.
  2. Select the method of generating online receipts
  3. Install the application in the Shopify storeto connect to the payment gateway (request the link to install the application at< a href="mailto:dev@trademinister.de">dev@trademinister.de)
  4. Install the Sberbank Payment Gateway in the Shopify store (Gateway installation is launched from the application)
  5. Applygateway activationatdev@trademinister.de.
  6. Send a request to Sberbank with the text "Enable
    Notifications without checksum, to url:
  7. To enable payment using Google Pay, Apple Pay, etc. write an appeal in the personal account of Sberbank “I ask you to connect Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay for the store in a combat environment.”

Sberbank support phone: +7 495 665-57-77

To connect the online check service, you need to switch the payment gateway to combat mode (write a letter to Sberbank support) and 1 more letter on enabling fiscalization settings.

Settings are made in Sberbank personal account.

Using the fiscalization settings, it is possible to specify which online cash register printing service (ATOL, Business.ru or Evotor) will be used and specify the settings for working with the service.

For the correct operation of Sberbank and ATOL, you must specify the same version of FFD 1.05.

Sberbank and ATOL settings

You can track whether a receipt was successfully generated in the Transactions section

Sberbank payment gateway transactions

ATOL online support phone: +7 (495) 137-56-66

Sberbank and ATOL exchange protocol