Платежный шлюз LiqPay для Shopify

LiqPay payment gateway for Shopify

Connection procedure:

  1. You register in LiqPay and make settings in LiqPay cabinet
  2. Register Shopify store and make settings in Shopify cabinet
  3. Send data to dev@trademinister.de to connect the gateway:
    1. LiqPay public key
    2. LiqPay private key
    3. API Key Shopify for LiqPay application
    4. Password Shopify API for LiqPay application
    5. Shopify store name in the format shopify.myshopify.com
  4. You need to install the gateway at this link. Please note that the country of the store must be Ukraine (Settings - General - Store address). Gateway "Liqpay by PrivatBank" is in the list of Alternative payments.
  5. Also receive a login and signature, which you need to enter on the Payments page of the Settings section of /admin page of your store.
  6. Contact LiqPay about activating your LiqPay account.

Setting in LiqPay cabinet

Please note that you have to enter a trusted IP: (Shopify gateway for LiqPay).

Save public and private keys - you'll need to send them to connect the gateway.

Настройка LiqPay для Shopify (шаг 1)

Then the settings are as follows

Настройка LiqPay для Shopify (шаг 2)

Setting up an app in Shopify Cabinet

Настройка приложения LiqPay для Shopify (шаг 1)


Настройка приложения LiqPay для Shopify (шаг 2)


Настройка приложения LiqPay для Shopify (шаг 3)

You need to save the API Key and API Password.

Setting up the gateway in Shopify Cabinet

On the Settings - Payments page, enter the username and signature you received.

Настройки платежного шлюза LiqPay в личном кабинете Shopify